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 By submitting this application I: confirm that the data provided in the application are correct and can be certified upon such request of the Estonian branch of AS Citadele banka (hereinafter the Bank); give my consent to the processing of the submitted personal data on the basis of this application for making a financial offer and creating a business relationship; agree that the Bank may apply for and receive from third parties any data necessary for supplementing, processing, analysing and checking the information provided. I hereby authorise the Bank to check all the data submitted in this application from any source; give the Bank the right to disclose the data submitted in the application to any legal persons belonging to the same consolidation group as the Bank as well as to any third persons who have the right to receive information under the legislation of the Republic of Estonia; confirm that the third persons mentioned in the application (incl. the surety, the provider of the collateral) have given their consent for submitting necessary data to the Bank for making a financial offer and processing the data by the Bank; give the Bank my consent to forward to the insurance intermediaries and insurance providers my personal data and other details necessary for making an insurance offer for the assets ensuring the performance of the financing contract and entering into an insurance contract and organising the entry into the loan contract; am aware that the Bank’s general principles of processing personal data, which have been stipulated in the Bank’s general terms and conditions have been published on the Bank’s website ( I confirm that the Bank has informed me of my rights arising from the Personal Data Protection Act, incl. the right to receive information from the processor of personal data any time about my personal data and the aim of their use, demand that the processor of personal data corrects any incorrect data and termination of processing personal data by the processor of personal data, unless provided otherwise by law.