Fixed-term deposit

Deposit your spare funds and receive guaranteed return. See Deposit rates and fees.

Deposit through the online bank

  • Fixed interest ratefor the whole term
  • Secure depositwith a guaranteed return
  • Receive interest easilyсhoose whether to receive your interest monthly or at the end of the term

Term deposit basic conditions

  • We will open and maintain your term deposit account for free.
  • Choose how to receive your interest. Monthly or at the end of the deposit term for the whole deposit period.
  • You can choose the currency of your deposit - Euro (EUR), US (USD)
  • Choose a deposit term from 1 to 5 years.
  • The state guarantees repayment of your deposit at Citadele up to 100,000 Euro.

Apply through the online bank

Term deposit calculator

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150 EUR

150 000 EUR


Sorry, we do not offer term deposit with standard terms for chosen currency and period

The calculation is initial and approximate. The exact sum depends on details of the deposit agreement.