Earn 1 % per year on your X smart card account balance

If you receive income of at least 350 euros per month on your Citadele account, on the last day of each month you will earn interest on the balance and it will be added to your X smart card account. The interest is calculated based on the average monthly balance with the maximum limit of 2,500 euros.

If you do not yet receive income in Citadele, make sure that you do from now on and then you will be earning balance interest with your X smart card account. 

Please bear in mind: to earn interest on the balance, you must receive regular income on your Citadele Bank account.

Example of the account balance interest calculation:

Average monthly account balance Average monthly account balance subject to interest Calculated interest Interest rate Automatically deducted income tax* You earn per month after tax
526 EUR 526 EUR 0,44 EUR 1 percent per year 0,09 EUR 0,35 EUR
2 956 EUR 2 500 EUR 2,08 EUR 1 percent per year 0,42 EUR 1,66 EUR

*Learn more about capital income.