Withdraw up to 1500 euros per month in cash using ATMs across the world free of charge

Up to 1500 Euro commission free Unlimited number of times from Citadele ATMs in Estonia Unlimited number of times from other ATMs worldwide
Over 1500 Euro – commission fee 0.20% of the sum from Citadele ATMs in Estonia 1% of the sum from other ATMs worldwide (min. 1 Euro)

The fee discount applies only to the rates set by Citadele Bank.

If you are using another bank’s or organisation’s ATM, Citadele will not charge an additional commission fee in accordance with the X supreme rates, but this will not affect the fees policy of that other bank or organisation.

That is why you should pay attention to the notifications displayed on the ATM screen!

If the screen shows a warning about the user being charged a cash withdrawal commission fee, the precise sum is set by the bank or organisation that owns the ATM.

When you are withdrawing cash in another currency, the currency conversion surcharge is derived from the Rates.