No monthly fee and other benefits

When you apply for an X supreme card, the first 3 months of use are free.

The 100% discount on the monthly card fee for your main card is applied from the 1st of the month following your main card being issued.

When you actively use your X supreme card, you can receive a 50% or 100% discount on your monthly main card fee.

Total amount spent on main and additional cards within first six months of use*: Discount on monthly main card fee for the following 6 (six) months from six moths after the card is issued:
EUR 3 000 (inclusive) 100% discount on monthly fee for main card
EUR 2 000 (inclusive) 50% discount on monthly fee for main card

Example: if your card was issued in January 2021, the period of 6 full months ends on July 31st, 2021. If, during this time, the amount spent with the X supreme card is 3,161.12 EUR, the X supreme card will not have a monthly fee from August 2021.

* Every 6 months period starting from the first day of the month following the date of issue of the basic card shall be considered as the half-year of use of the card.

The bank is entitled to review the terms and conditions of the purchase and the volume criteria on a semi-annual basis. For information on the annual period of using the card, call 77 00 000.