Types of authentication
and payment confirmation

It has never been this easy to access your online banking and confirm payments.

  • MobileSCANChoose if your smartphone is always with you
  • ID card and Mobile IDPerform payments without payment limits
  • Code calculatorsUse these particularly secure authentication devices for various needs

ID card

Always with you!

  • With ID card it is possible to perform payments without any limits. 
  • ID card is very secure and an easy way to perform payments or to enter the Online Bank.
  • You will need your ID card with passwords and an ID card reader.
  • The corresponding ID card software must be installed on your computer.


  • Connect not only to the Citadele Internet Bank or mobile app, but also to other e-service provider portals
  • Securely approve payments or other transactions in Citadele Internet Bank
  • Enjoy unlimited payments with MobileID
  • If you want to start using a MobileID, you must contact your mobile operator and enter into an electronic service agreement. Remember to have your passport or ID card with you

MobileSCAN - the solution for smartphone users

It will always be at hand with your phone. MobileSCAN is unrivalled for connecting to Citadele mobile application or online banking to confirm payments.

  • Do it with a five-digit MobileSCAN code, FaceID or a fingerprint.
  • MobileSCAN is free of charge to connect and use.
  • Increase your payment limits at a Citadele branch office or connect MobileSCAN with a code calculator.
  • MobileSCAN works with all modern smartphones and tablets (Apple iOS version 11 and later and Android version 5.0 and later).

Code calculators

convenient and reliable authorisation devices

PIN calculator

Small, simple and more secure. The PIN calculator is suitable for clients who plan on making larger payments. Double authorisation means that, along with the random code generated by the code calculator, the user must also enter a code sent to them by SMS.

  • A small, light code calculator. With the press of one button, it displays a unique, single-use 6-figure code which is valid for almost a minute.
  • Works with a battery which lasts for up to 5 years.
  • Higher payment limits - 60,000 Euro per day.
  • The cost for receiving a PIN calculator is 15 Euros.

Digipass 780 code calculator

The new code calculator Digipass 780 combines convenience with increased security.

  • Digipass 780 uses a unique color-code (similar to MobileSCAN). By scanning this code, the user is shown all transaction details and can immediately confirm it with a PIN code that only they know.
  • Payment limits are 10 million Euros per day.
  • Receiving Digipass 780 costs 35 Euros.
  • Receiving Digipass 320 costs 50 Euros, replacing costs 32 Euros.