Authorization devices

What if I can’t scan the QR code?

Make sure your camera lens is clean, there is enough light in the room, and try bringing your phone closer/further away from the image.

If you receive push notifications, but the code is not automatically copied from the screen, then you must write in the code you see on your phone screen manually.

If you have not received any push notifications, ensure that these notifications are not blocked on your device. To activate them on your phone, open your settings: Settings → Citadele app → Activate notifications.

If these steps do not help, we suggest that you reinstall the MobileScan authorisation tool.

Bear in mind: when you install the MobileSCAN tool on your app, transaction limits are 3,000 Euro for one payment and 3000 E,uro per day. If you wish to increase transaction limits, you must visit a branch in person.

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