Online banking

What are the most common problems when trying to connect to Citadele Online Banking with Mobile ID?

Session expiration – The time period between initiating a query and entering a PIN was too long.

Incorrect PIN code - It can happen to anyone! Pay attention and try again. Remember that if you enter PIN2 incorrectly three times in a row, you need your mobile-ID PUK code to unblock it.

The phone is not switched on - Make sure your phone is switched on and has a good signal. If everything seems fine, check to see if your phone services are limited due to unpaid bills, for example. If everything is still working, wait a few moments and try again: it’s possible that the error was caused by temporary signal problems.

You receive error incorrect username/password – If you are digitally onboarded customer Mobile ID is not automatically added to you online banking contract. Please use MobileSCAN for connecting to online bank. For adding Mobile ID as additional authorization device you need to contact the bank and sign additional amendment to online banking agreement.

If problems persist, please contact ID helpline (+372) 666 8888 or read more here

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