Secure internet shopping

The security of our clients’ finances is the key priority for us, and that is why Citadele Bank has joined 3D Secure system.. 3D Secure system offers free additional security for purchases on the Internet. Citadele’s MasterCard, Maestro, VISA and VISA Electron cards are linked to the system.

The 3D Secure system fulfils two essential functions. First of all, it makes impossible to use someone else’s payment card for unauthorised Internet purchases, because the buyer (cardholder) has to enter additional identification data. Second, it allows clients to recognise those merchants which have registered with the 3D Secure Internet shopping system, knowing that this shows that the merchants feel a greater sense of responsibility toward their clients.

Thousands of Internet shops all around the world have joined the 3D Secure system, and new ones are signing up every day. Shops which use the 3D Secure system and thus support secure payments on the Internet with MasterCard, Maestro, VISA and VISA Electron cards can be recognised by the MasterCard SecureCode/Verified by Visa logo that is on their homepage.

Citadele MasterCard and Maestro owners with Internet banking services can use the 3D Secure system in purchasing goods and services. Upon payment, clients will be asked to enter not just a name, surname, card number, expiration date and CVC2 number, but also their Citadele Internet bank user name and authorisation code. This helps to avoid fraudulent transactions at Internet stores and also enhances the security and protection of payment cards to a very considerable degree.