Current Account
Service Fee
Opening and maintainance of current account for resident of Estonia Free of charge
Closing of Current Account Free of charge
Administration of the positive balance in case of a closed last account 1 10 EUR
Fee for verification of private person documents uponaccount opening for customers who are not legal residents of EU, EEA2 200 EUR
  • 1 The fee shall be applied until the account balance is zero.
  • 2 All natural persons are classified as non-resident customers, other than those who are classified as residents. A resident is a natural person legally residing in the Republic of Estonia or in any other Member State of the European Union or of the European Economic Area, i.e. a person who, by virtue of the legislation of the Republic of Estonia or of such other Member State has the right, respectively, to reside in the Republic of Estonia or in such other Member State. The fee shall be payable before the verification carried out by the bank and before the bank's decision on starting business relationship with the customer