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Payment plans

Devote time to what matters most

Feeling like you can't do it all? Choose a solution that saves both time and money, so you can focus on what's essential – the growth of your business.

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Did you know?

On Citadele website quickly open company’s bank account without having a personal account.

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Business financing

We'll be the rocket fuel for your business

Put your business into the next gear! Choose the most suitable financing option for your business, ensuring its development and the achievement of goals in the near future.

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Your business is working, but is the money doing the same?

If all your money circulates in your everyday account, it's hard to save because daily expenses know no boundaries. Invest your funds wisely and reap a bonus for future opportunities.

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Did you know?

Within 18 months, over 5 million euros in payments have been made throughout the Baltics using a Citadele Phone POS terminal.

Payment habits have been changing swiftly over the past few years.

Even at craft fairs, it is important that customers can pay using modern cashless payments methods: quickly, easily and securely.

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Citadele Phone POS

If the customer wants to buy, let them

When you put your heart into what you do, you become unstoppable. For your business to grow and be easily accessible to everyone, start accepting card payments and mobile payments. However, if you want to break down all payment barriers, start your own e-business.

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