Service Fee
Online Banking Branch
Payments within Citadele bank group incl. Latvian and Lithuanian branches
Payment within Citadele group between accounts of same customer Free of charge 10 EUR
Payment within Citadele group between accounts of different customers 0.10 EUR 10 EUR
Euro payments
EU –payments (SEPA, SEPA Instant payments, see Appendix No 1, Sub-chapter 1) 0.38 EUR 10 EUR 1
Standard payment to another bank
SHA (shared) 6 EUR Not available
OUR (remitter) 25 EUR Not available
Payments in foreign currency (Online Banking)
Standard payment (except RUR and BYN)
SHA (shared) 6 EUR
OUR (remitter) 25 EUR
Urgent payment
SHA (shared) 14 EUR
OUR (remitter) 36 EUR
Additional fee for processing payment made from / to countries with sanction risk of and/or countries where payment processing requires enhanced due diligence 150 EUR
Regular payments
Registration of regular payment Free of charge
Incoming transfer to account
Incoming within Citadele bank (including from Lithuania, Latvia branches, Domestic and EU-payments) Free of charge
Incoming payments in foreign currency (commission type BEN and SHA) 6 EUR (or its equivalent in payment currency)
Non-cash currency exchange
In accordance with Citadele Bank rate, without additional commission fee
Investigation of payments
Revocation of payments within Citadele bank in Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania 10 EUR
Investigation of local and international payments 80 EUR + the actual costs of foreign banks
Revocation of local and international payments: 125 EUR + the actual costs of foreign banks
  • 1 SEPA instant payment not available at Branch, Sky Branch. Information on the maximum amount limit of the payment initiated in Sky Branch is available on the Bank's website and in the customer service units.
  • 2 The fee is taken in addition to the fee for Payments in foreign currency and Euro payments to another bank.
  • 3 The fee is taken in addition to the standard fee for incoming and outgoing payments and the fee is charged from the Customer account regardless of payment commission type. List of countries to which additional fee is applied is published in